Friday, 5 August 2011

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My Ranked Game Adventure

     When I started playing Ranked, things were different. People could start at level 20, everyone started at the same point, the rates of how much rank points you get and lose were still very flawed. Some of the players that you see at the top 100 of ranked cheated their way there, the controversy over rank cheating was big, but died out quick when Riot fixed it.

     The smartest thing to do was to wait until everyone found their point on the ranked scale and then join the race, I didn't. I was one of the first people to get over 100 games in ranked, I played a lot even though I lost and won at proximately the same rate. It didn't matter at the time.

     I gave up on ranked a long time ago, I would have the odd game once in a while, but didn't commit once. Now, I want to give it another go, I've improved on my micro a lot and I want to put it to the test. I don't believe in ELO hell, no more than I believe that ranked is accurate display of how good a player is. If you're a good player it's more likely your team will succeed and you'll win, if you're bad you'll drag your team down. You don't chose your teammates though, therefore accuracy is low, yet it does measure how many times you can make an impact enough for your team to triumph.

So what now?

     I'm going to play ranked from now on and leave weekly updates here of how I get on. The outcome of each game and what rank I am at that moment.

     As of now, my rank is 1197. Just 3 points below 1200 which is the starting point. I think this could be interesting for more people than myself.

     Also, I'm making a Blitzcrank video, just for fun, hope to leave it here in a week or so. Wish me good luck :)


Chloe Chau said...


Love the blog.

- Chloe

Hyperllama said...

Thank you :)

I find it awkward to comment on your blog posts, I just read them, I don't think I fit in there lol

Spooch said...

Hey, thanks for your comment Hyperllama. I also don't know how to contact you. But i really would love it if i could get an LoL theme'd template.


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